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To get in touch with us please visit our contact us page to send us an e-mail or you can give us a call on the number below:

Call us on: 01235 530 464

Unit 2, Fitzharris Industrial Estate, Wotton Road, Abingdon, OX14 1LD

Pressure Washer Accessories

Hurley Industrial can provide you with everything you need to achieve professional standard results at a very competitive price. We stock all of the best products from Edge and Karcher and can also provide you with cleaning chemicals and accessories which you may need.

Hogs Hair Brush

Panther ll HD

Hogs Hair Brush - Genuine Hogs-hair brush with 60mm & 90mm bristles.

Part No.  
ST23S 60mm Bristle
200023600 90mm Bristle

APA Lance

Panther ll HD

APA Lance - Aluminium double grip lance. Available in 4 sizes.

Part No.  
15040 1m
15070 1.8m
15090 0.9m - 1.5m telescopic
15100 1.8 - 3.0m telescopic

Stainless Cleaner with wheels

Panther ll HD

Stainless Cleaner with wheels - This new 300mm diameter stainless steel rotary floor cleaner comes complete with a self lubricating 3 ball bearing swivel and adjustable angle ST330. Comes complete also with 900mm Z.P lance. 2 x nozzles are required and are not included. Max 275 bar, 15lpm, 210°C.

Part No.  
521030650 Stainless Cleaner

ST72 Foam Lances

Panther ll HD

ST72 Foam Lances - Stainless steel foam lance complete with built in ir venturi, nozzle & protector with insulated handle and grip. Available in 600mm & 1200mm lengths and available with 3 flow ranges.

Part No. Length Flow Rate Venturi Size
200072500 600mm 8-11 l/min 2.0mm
200072510 600mm 12-15 l/min 2.3mm
200072520 600mm 15-18 l/min 3.2mm
200072600 1200mm 8-11 l/min 2.0mm
200072610 1200mm 12-15 l/min 2.3mm
200072620 1200mm 15-18 l/min 3.2mm

ST172 Foam Lances

Panther ll HD

ST72 Foam Lances - Stainless steel foam lance complete with built in ir venturi, nozzle & protector with insulated handle and grip. Available in 600mm & 1200mm lengths and available with 3 flow ranges.

Part No. Inlet Flow Rate Nozzle Protector
200172700 1/4"M 8-11 l/min Green
200172710 1/4"M 12-15 l/min Yellow
200172720 1/4"M 15-18 l/min Red
200172500 QR Spigot 8-11 l/min Green
200172510 QR Spigot 12-15 l/min Yellow
200172520 QR Spigot 15-18 l/min Red

ST69 Foam Injector

Panther ll HD

ST69 Foam Injector - Specially adapted injector with 1.6 orifice for use with ST72 foam lances. They have a 6mm intake hose tail with a 3/8"bspm inlet with a 3/8"bspf outlet. 250bar w.p with max temp of 60°C. We now offer the 1.6 basic injectors made up with 5m pipe, ST1R filter and ST61A restrictor.

Part No.  
200060700 ST60 1.6 Foam Injector
GSF60QR ST60 1.6 + QRC set
GSF60N22 ST60 1.6 + M22 m/f
ST60C ST60 1.6 Complete

High Pressure Water Jet Hose

Panther ll HD

High Pressure Water Jet Hose - New superior quality, branded high pressure wash hose. These 3/8" twin wire hoses have a distinctive blue strip to differentiate them as water hoses and allows them to stand out from the standard all black hoses. The blue stripe also allows for the hose specification to stand out clearly. Fitted with 3/8"M ends with cuffs and rated to 400 bar, 150°C. Available in a variety of lengths.

Part No.  
355144310 10m TecPro Water Jet Hose
355144315 15m TecPro Water Jet Hose
355144320 20m TecPro Water Jet Hose
355144330 30m TecPro Water Jet Hose

Budget Wash Gun

Panther ll HD

Budget Wash Gun - Budget range of wash guns. Available with fixed or stainless steel swivel 3/8"F inlet & 1/4"F outlet. Max 210 bar, 25 ltr/min, 150 °C.

Part No.  
ST1100 ST1100 Fixed Inlet
201100540 ST1100 Swivel Inlet

ST1500 Quick release Guns

Panther ll HD

ST1500 Quick release Guns - Quick release versions of the ST100 range of wash guns. The guns are available with a fixed or swivel 3/8"F inlet. Rated to max 275bar, 45lpm, 150°C.

Part No.  
201500660 ST1500 + QRC
201500670 ST1500 + S + QRC

Budget Moulded Lance

Panther ll HD

Budget Moulded Lance - 900mm x 300mm Zinc plated lance c/w moulded handle. 1/4"m inlet, available with or without nozzle protector. 250 bar w.p, 150°C.

Part No.  
070000470 900mm Lance without nozzle protector
GS900 900mm Lance complete with nozzle protector

Twin Lances

Panther ll HD

Twin Lances - 1000mm twin chemical lances with either top or side adjust. Simply screw the valve to go from high pressure water to a low pressure chemical spray. Lance comes with chemical nozzle but not high pressure nozzle. Max 250 bar, 36lpm & 150°C.

Part No.  
51660 ST53 Twin Lance with top adjust
51760 ST54 Twin Lance with side adjust

Stainless Trolley & Hose Reel

Panther ll HD

Stainless Trolley & Hose Reel - British manufactured stainless steel hose reel trolley. Constructed from 316 stainless steel with non marking grey rubber wheels and non marking rubber feet. Available with or without hose reel, this unit is extremely robust and stable in use. Unit is supplied boxed, only assembly required is attachment of handle frame to base via 6 st/st bolts and nyloc nuts. Hose reel capacity in 35m of 1/2"D hose with1/2"F swivel inlet and 1/2"F outlet. The accessory kit available to mount to the trolly includes: a components basket and lance holders.

Part No.  
TPTHR01 Trolley & Reel
TPHT02 Trolley Only
TPHTAK1 Lance Holders (x2)
TPHTAK2 Components basket

Powder Coated & Stainless Steel Auto Rewind Hose Reels

Panther ll HD

Powder Coated & Stainless Steel Auto Rewind Hose Reels - A range of automatic rewind hose reel complete with 3/8" connections, hose stop and rewind swivel coupling. Max capacity of 14m or 20m 5/16" hose, max temp 100°C and max pressure 300 bar.

Part No. Capacity
75014 12m PC x 5/16" Hose
75020 20m PC x 5/16" Hose
74014 14m PC x 5/16" Hose
74020 20m PC x 5/16" Hose

* Hose reels do not include hose.